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HOLOOH, brand of  DOORWAY SAS, was born in  2016.

Winner of the
best startup prisze at the Laval Virtual show, présent au salon Viva Tech. Tech partner of INRIA and resident of Station F in Paris.

We create innovative and engaging experiences using the
emotion of augmented and virtual reality. Our quest: the realism, by scanning reality in 3D - rather that trying to copy it manually - in order to produce .  holograms. No need to download a specific application, our creations can be used in web mode, and on social media : Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok.

We have developed an ultra fast and inexpenseive production process allowing us to propose a competitive offer while ensuring high end quality.

Our values are Excellence, Creativity and Commitment that we put at the service of our customers in
Luxury and Retail.

Aymeric Delaroche-Vernet
Co-Founder CEO

AR / VR pioneer
Depuis 2016, Holooh has been investing in the most innovatives technologies for experiences […]
Our talent at your service
The purpose of technology is to serve a story and a purpose. Our multidisciplinary team  […]
From engagement to activation
Storytelling is at the heart of AR/VR experiences to serve a wide variety of […]
Luxury and Retail
The deployments of our experiments are done on an international scale. Our story we […]
Holooh and Doorway
Doorway SAS is the legal entity that owns the Holooh brand. Originally created [...]
Holooh is hiring
Come take part in our projects and experience the great adventure of innovation and creativity! 
Upstream of the production of an immersive experience, we support you in the creation and scripting 
AR and VR experiences
We develop applications in augmented and virtual reality; virtual try-on and 3D portal experiences to the universe of our customers
AR portal and virtual showroom
Move freely in 3D in a dedicated space, download documents, view videos and meet your partners in video calls.
3D scan and human holograms
We produce very high definition digital clones of the most beautiful products (fashion, jewellery, etc.) and produce volumetric video sequences.
AR filters on social medias 
To take advantage of the power of social medias such as Instagram Facebook, Snapchat or Tik Tok, we develop filters involving your products in 3D
Data tracking and analytics
All of our services are associated with the possibility of recording media performances and analyzing them. 


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